Stowe Aerial Panoramas

Stowe aerial image

A typical postcard picture of Stowe featuring the Stowe Congregational church …however this is an aerial photo captured in our 360 degree panorama

If you have ever wondered about Stowe and how large it is, this aerial panorama will give you an idea of the size of the downtown area. It is actually quite small, because as you can see from this picture, most of the hotels and attractions are not actually in the village but on the mountain road, which again as you can see curves around a hill and is not seen in this panorama taken during the summer of 2016.  What you can see is the newly renovated bridge from the downtown area that leads you onto the Mountain Road. Panorama by FAA licensed pilot.

Click here to view the panorama

Click here to view a panorama of Stowe in winter

Link to a 360 aerial panorama of downtown Stowe in winter

In March, 2017, Stowe experienced one of the heaviest snowfalls in history. A classic Nor’easter dropped about three feet of snow on Stowe and many other parts of Vermont. The snowfall breathed new life into Stowe mountain which hadn’t seen any snow for a couple of weeks. As expected the storm brought out skiers like bees to a honey pot. Here is a an aerial panorama of the resort a week after the storm:

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Stowe after a big snowfall in March, 2017